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The Top Ten of the 1950s Rank ArtistHammer Price ArtworkSale1Mark 

ROTHKO$65 000 000White Center (1950)15/05/2007 (Sotheby's New York NY)

2Alberto GIACOMETTI$47 500 000Grande tête mince (1954)04/05/2010 (Christie's New York NY)

3Mark ROTHKO$45 000 000No. 15 (1952)13/05/2008 (Christie's New York NY)

4Alberto GIACOMETTI$44 500 000(g.tête de Diego) (1954)06/11/2013 (Sotheby's New York NY)

5Norman Perceval ROCKWELL$41 000 000Saying Grace (1951)04/12/2012 (Sotheby's New York NY)

6Mark ROTHKO$41 000 000No. 11 (Untitled) (1957)12/11/2013 (Christie's New York NY)

7XU Beihong$36 679 200Cultivation of the peaceful lan (1951)05/21/2011 (Poly International Auction Co.,Ltd Pékin)

8Franz KLINE$36 000 000Untitled (1957)14/11/2012 (Christie's New York NY)

9Jackson POLLOCK$36 000 000Number 4 (1951)13/11/2012 (Sotheby's New York NY)

10Mark ROTHKO$30 500 000Untitled (Red, Blue, Orange) (1955)13/11/2007 (Christie's New York NY)